Our services include: web development, social media and infographics design, animated presentation services with unique design and programming. Digital video and photography services which is provided by highly experienced and talented team.


Our professional staff is ready to create a new and unique image of your brand! Creating a new brand, turning usual offices into colorful and productive environments, cover design for Music CD and books and other services are provided in highest quality by our creative team.

App design

We provide you IOS app design services for all Apple devices in different resolutions. Our team will support you, optimizing your project for having the most efficent and user friendly look on your app.

Interior design

Our architect and brand team is ready to transform your offices and houses into unusual and charming environments. Using innovative products and different materials will present you more than a beautiful design.


You have a low budget to promote your company? We are here to consult you while you work with a smaller company. We listen and understand your needs and do the project management for more productive and faster results.

Idea Support

You are stucked with your project and out of the ideas? We are here to help you with our creative and innovative team! If you are an investor, we are ready to work on some startup projects.

Service quality

IDEA team members are always ready to listen to you and take the needed actions to support you. We will pay our attention on your project and requirements starting from very frist day until the completion of the project. We also consider to work on your unfinished projects which you cannot finalize with other companies.