What is the importance of simplicity?

Design is one of the hardest terms to specify because it does not have a discernible pattern. You can specialize or express it in so many different ways and yet there will always be something missing or necessary to change as the time and technology are ever changing. Designers should always be open and flexible since the latest technologies and trends will define the limits of the design phase.

Now the question is, should we always use these fancy technologies or trends to make things better? Thirteen years ago I was lucky enough to start working in a very successful and modern multimedia design company where I learned the importance of simplicity in design. That was the time when too many companies strayed away from a flat design style because Photoshop's shadow effect was overruling simplicity. Even Microsoft's Windows and Apple's Mac operating systems fell victim to the overutilization of shadow effects inspired by the current trends of the time.

Today we see that complex structures and unnecessary effects bring about confusion over your company's image and meet with little success. Because people do not wish to waste their time by trying to solve your complicated image, they search for new solutions which are easier to understand. Current trends are directing us back to the simplicity period, but not only in the design. The return to a simpler image is also seen in the structure of the applications, web sites and many other digital as well as printed materials.

In a world which is turning on the axis of technology with overloaded information, it is simplicity that will always be a foundation for designers.

Yasin Erdal
Founder and CEO at Idea to ID